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September 25, 2013

Dear friend,

I got to know Jeannette when I became her pastor a year and a half ago.  It has been a pleasure to build relationship with Jeanette (and her husband Jake) and both see and hear her passion for Jesus and for ministry.  She is a lady who is authentic, genuine and willing to share both the blessings and challenges of life pouring into lives to bring encouragement.  I have heard Jeannette sing in different contexts (worship leading, part of a worship team, outdoor concert event) and in each setting her heart for the Lord and her musical gifts touched lives.  Jeannette has a heart to work with local churches in ministry and partners effectively to form an effective team.  I am thankful for her and commend her to you both as a woman of God and a gifted musician.

In Christ
Lorin Bergen
Fort Langley Evangelical Free


I met Jeannette Petkau in 1994 early on in her career. On that occasion she did a vibrant hour long concert in our church. The church was both blessed and impressed. That began a friendship that has resulted in my having Jeannette minister four times in three churches over the past several years.

I appreciate her musical abilities. Clearly, as is evident in her CD's, Jeannette has a musical talent and a gift from God.  As a pastor however there is something that impresses me even more. That is when, along with musical ability, there is a passion for God and compassion for people. Jeannette's love for God and people is both evident and fervent.

If you are seeking a talented musician who has a desire to reach people for Christ I can recommend to you my friend and fellow servant,  Jeannette Petkau.


Pastor Rev.Ross Helgeton
Erskine Evangelical Free Church
Erskine, Alberta, Canada
Home Phone: (403) 742-3384
Email: revrh@erskinefree.com


As one of Artists in Christian Testimony Canada arts-ministry specialist for 5 years, I have witnessed Jeannette’s passion and gifts to share the love of Christ through her music and her service.

She has been actively involved with music ministry for more than 20 years, ministering throughout Canada, the US, and in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Whether speaking to a women’s group, leading worship, sharing her music in a concert setting, or serving the poor and the needy, God is using her gift of artistic expression as a primary means of communicating the gospel, to evangelize the marketplace, and to edify the church.

The latest expression of her passion to encourage the body of Christ is her CD Unshakable.  The CD sounds great, but beyond that, the heartfelt lyrics inspired, challenged, and nurtured me in my walk with the Lord and commitment to be used by Him.  I greatly appreciate Jeannette’s willingness to share about her personal relationship with the Lord, both the joys and struggles, through her music in a way that ministers to my own spiritual journey.

I encourage you to consider how you might be able to partner with Jeannette and her ministry, Break-thru Productions, and how she can assist you in your ministry efforts.  I know she would appreciate your support and love to serve you any way that she can.

Larry Moshell
Director of Staff Development
Artists in Christian Testimony Intl
Nashville, TN., USA


Our Women's Ministry at Emmanuel Fellowship Baptist Church in Vernon asked Jeannette Petkau to come for a concert and seminar in October of 2010. Jeannette's warm and approachable personality shone through her music and her interaction with the women who attended this event. She has much that she could share from her life that would be an encouragement to other women of faith as well as those who are seeking.

Janet Peter, for the Women's Ministry Team,
Emmanuel Fellowship Baptist Church,
Vernon, B.C., Canada


“Smooth and Inspiring” are words that describe Jeannette’s unique music and message. A message of hope and help permeates Jeanette’s concert and speaks to people at all stages of their life journey. Through it all Jesus Christ is magnified as the source of true hope and healing. A wonderful and unique presentation of the grace of God.

Pastor Sean Harder
Calvary Baptist Church
Killarney, Manitoba,  Canada


Some have gifts in music and some have gifts in ministry. Jeannette is one of those people who have been gifted with both. It is very evident that sharing God's love with others through her music is what she loves to do, and she does it very well. Not only did she come from British Colombia to sing at our out door festival in Morden but she put a band of musicians together from the area (Winnipeg) to accompany her. This says a lot about Jeannette's character and talent when other musicians want to come out and share the stage with her. It was a pleasure having Jeannette sing at our event and we hope that we can have her come again some day.

Ray Penner  
Christian Programs Committee
Morden Corn & Apple Festival, Canada


It is with great pleasure that I recommend to you Jeannette Petkau. Jeannette was with us both as an on-air interview guest and a music guest on 100 Huntley Street and Prime Time telecast. Jeannette demonstrated a desire to be a bold witness for our Lord Jesus. She shared her heart openly as to the transforming power of Jesus Christ in her life; especially His power to break bondage's of fear. We deeply appreciated her support of the ministry and it was evident that God's Spirit flowed through her as she lifted up Jesus and showed from her heart that God is real. Only heaven will tell how many people felt and responded to that tugging at their heart to come to Jesus during the program. I believe many did. Jeannette is a wonderful blessing!

Johanna Webster
Associate Producer

Crossroads Family of Ministries

Burlington, Ontario, Canada


Jeanette Petkau sings with much passion, making it clear with every word 
she sings that the message of each song is of primary importance to her. 
Her incredibly talented back-up band brings rich colour and wonderful 
vocal harmonies to Jeanette's songs. She has an inspiring repertoire of 
original songs that bring glory to the Lord Jesus Christ.

Music Pastor Jason Strain

B.C., Canada


Every once and a while a very special individual comes along who has been greatly anointed by the Lord to serve Him with praise and worship. Jeannette Petkau is one of those individuals.

Jeanette's style is a reflection of her heart and her desire to see God's people enter into that wonderful place of resting in His presence and one of the best ways to do this is through worship. Be it Jeannette's own music or that of one of the many familiar praise songs, those who listen and those who enter in enjoy and quickly learn to appreciate the depth of Jeannette's musical gift and ability.

One of the aspects of her ministry is not just music but that of weaving her testimony and that which the Lord has shown her into her concert events. This dimension opens the door to move beyond another "church" only concert but that of an opportunity for outreach and evangelism.

I would highly recommend her to your fellowship. No matter where you might sense to utilize Jeannette Petkau - you and your congregation will be blessed!

Because He lives!

Pastor Robert M. Gulliver
Ontario, Canada


For Recommendation from my Home Church Contact:
Fort Langley Evangelical Free
Pastor Lorin Bergen
Church Phone: (604) 888-7131
Email: lorin@flefc.org

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