About Jeannette

Jeannette Petkau is a singer, songwriter, and speaker from Langley, BC, Canada. Jeannette came from a musical family background and began singing at a very early age. Her professional career started over 20 years ago and since that time she has been traveling internationally, sharing her music and ministry. Jeannette’s concert presentations are filled with energy, excitement, heart and talent.

Now Jeannette takes a big step after working with producer Eric Copeland of Nashville's Creative Soul Records on her new album, "Unshakable". This powerful new set of songs comes from Jeannette's own life stories and journeys, with the title song talking about having a faith that is strong enough to hold in times of trouble.

"I've been through alot," Jeannette reflects. "But my faith has always been the rock that I have held to. This whole album is meant to strengthen and bolster Christians and seekers alike who deal with troubled times, and need something to hold onto in stormy times."

Each song was meticulously crafted by Jeannette and her producer to give her ministry "moments", where she can give testimony and sing from her heart.

This music is contemporary, melodic, dramatic, and upbeat. Her vocal and music accomplishments have been appreciated by many.

Not only has Jeannette been actively involved with music, and evangelism, she has also utilized her many gifts and talents in her own church. Starting up Women's Ministry, leading and mentoring women, directing choir and leading worship are also passions that she has.

Jeannette’s uplifting and encouraging concert ministry takes place at various community and outreach events: at church services, festivals, conferences, retreats, and special events. Some of her television appearances, as guest speaker and singer, have been on 100 Huntley Street, It’s A New Day/Trinity Television and Miracle Channel. Jeannette is available for international ministry and concert opportunities as a soloist, or with a band.